Sport Discovery Community Try-It! programs update
Posted: Aug 30, 2017

Sport Discovery Community Try-It! programs update

It has been such an amazing experience to partner with the City of Prince George and the 7 Community Associations to deliver our Sport Discovery Community Try-It! program this year!

We have been fortunate to have the recognition of Mayor Lyn Hall and the City Council on April 1st as a congratulations on winning the Healthier You Awards - Innovator of the Year for this program.

Thank you to all Local Sport Organizations, Clubs, Associations and coaches that shared their passion within their sport to our youth, families and adults.
Without the dedication of each of them and YOUR participation in the program, we would not have had such an impact in Prince George.

Now, we have the pleasure to announce the start of our new edition of Sport Discovery Community Try-It! Adults 40+, this program is for Adults 40 years old and older.

We will have many different sports through the help of 6 of the Community Associations such as volleyball, yoga, pickleball, learn to run, hiking, walking with your pets and more!

Visit our Events page for the up to date calendar and event details or if you want to register visit our Register page.  For more information, please contact François Loignon at  or 250-960-5344.

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